What is an Oddit?
/ädit/ 1. The process of a dynamic audit of one's online analytics to optimize online sales direction. A dynamic Oddit is necessary due to the fact that no two businesses created equal.
Oddit Marketing Companies
Odditly is setting industry standards and benchmarks. Our services are affordable and we can audit your current situation and help you select a reputable firm if that’s your best course of action.
Online Marketing - A Deceptive Industry
What the industry doesn't tell you..

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Odditly is the #1 and only Dynamic auditing company on the internet. You may have questions as to what we do and if may or may not need our services. We service small to large companies. Can Odditly help you?

If you are a fairly new company thinking about the possibility of selling your product or services online, we are for you! View our “Basic Package” here

If you are already an established company that is seeking to hire an online marketing company, but simply are confused as to which company to higher…we can help you also!

If your company is already in a contract with an existing marketing company we can also help you as well! We can audit and hold your “Online Marketing” company accountable.

Our Services

Basic Oddit

This is ideal for business owners who are currently or planning on selling a product or service online. Our team at Odditly knows what it takes to succeed. A brief oddit will allow you to see if you have a solid foundation built for online marketing success. If you’re using a marketing firm, it will reveal what they’re doing well or where they can improve.

Comprehensive Oddit

We will make sure to add/implement correction conversion tracking for your product/service. Where the conversion tracking is sales or leads. We want to make sure you can quantify and justify.

Exhaustive Oddit

Our goals for the exhaustive oddits is to analyze any contracted work from existing marketing companies. We want to make sure you are getting what you paid for. The team and Odditly understands that many of the contracts can be confusing when it comes to “scope of work”.

Monthly Accountability

This package is for you if you are looking for a honest third party opinion of your weekly/monthly reports that your marketing company sends you. Our team at Odditly knows what it takes to succeed.